SONG PICK: Signe – Enough



SONG PICK: Signe – Enough

We came across Chicago-born, European transplant Signe late last year with her single “Cry Wolf,” and are excited to feature her new song today. The Paris-based pop-musician raises substantial questions in “Enough.” She asks “What do you want? Is it enough?” a question, we probably all have asked ourselves multiple times throughout our lives. The track is wrapped in sparse instrumentation, giving room to Signe’s beautifully bright and clear vocals.

When asked about the background to her new single, Signe says:

“Enough” was written slowly over the course of the first quarantine here in Paris. Feeling the world shut down gave me the space and discomfort to digest what my needs were. What was enough? Was I enough to fulfill myself? Without the constant over direction of capitalism and societal pressure… what did I really want and need?

I hear a follow-up single here because these thoughts deserve further exploration. In any case, I am looking forward to finding out what’s next for Signe! Listen to “Enough”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Connect with Signe on Facebook and Instagram and add “Enough” to your playlist as we are adding it to our glamglarepick playlist on Spotify:

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