SONG PICK: Fifi Rong – Dream On



Fifi Rong

SONG PICK: Fifi Rong – Dream On

When love does not work out, dreams can be all you are left with. With her latest song, London-based singer and producer Fifi Rong takes you to the world between sleep and awakeness, where reality and dreams merge into a soundscape full of beauty and melancholy. “All I know, I’m in love with you,” Fifi confesses – too late. She explains:

“The purity of love to me, usually happens in a dream and expires in the morning sun, unless I capture these dreams into my songs. My lyrics are subtle and subliminal but ‘Dream On’ has the most direct and emotionally brutal words. My kind of ‘direct’, though, still multi-layered metaphors. Like every song on this album, I have just finished a Chinese version of this song too. Being able to glide through musical elements and deliveries between the two languages and cultures really allow me to fully express what I want to say with my work.”

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(Photo: Dylan Chubb)

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