SONG PICK: Spaces of Disappearance – Bad Things



Elaine HD

SONG PICK: Spaces of Disappearance – Bad Things

Elaine HD aka Spaces of Disappearance is fed up with holding back and is ready for all those “Bad Things” we were supposed to avoid for so long. The Barcelona-via-Chicago singer and producer, known for songs on the darker side of synth-pop, turns to hard-hitting electronics in the style of early Human League for her latest track. However, the vibe is more about partying hard than anything else, as Elaine explains:

‘Bad Things’ is a romp; it’s a wildly energetic anthem devoted to fun. This song represents all the energy held inside during the pandemic and the joy of reconnecting with others and with the world. It is my love song for community and nightlife which I missed very much this past year.”

“Bad Things” is the first single off an upcoming EP. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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