SONG PICK: Billie Flynn – Hey Stranger



Billie Flynn

SONG PICK: Billie Flynn – Hey Stranger

“Hey Stranger,” tells the story of a relationship reflected in the moment of an encounter years after it ended. U.K. singer/songwriter Billie Flynn delivers it as much sonically as through the lyrics: the way she sings and the music slowly builds hints a more extensive emotional engagement than she wants to admit. All but chills-inducing, Billie’s song comes with a similar intensity that makes Suzanne Vega’s music so irresistible. Billie recalls:

“This song came to me in a dream, I dreamt the melody and woke up frantically trying to find my phone to record a voice note, I still have it. It’s about seeing someone again that isn’t in your life anymore and hoping that they’re proud of who you are now.”

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