SONG PICK: Mewn – I’m Only Talking



SONG PICK: Mewn – I’m Only Talking

Manchester art-rock five-piece Mewn release with “I’m Only Talking” the second single from their upcoming debut EP Landscapes Unchanged via Simonie Records out later this month. The almost seven minutes long track starts on a bright high note but not even halfway through takes a different, more pensive turn, with a waltz-y rhythm and a melancholic vibe. This is irresistibly intriguing! When asked about the track, Mewn’s frontman Daniel Bluer says:

I’d say this song represents us best artistically from the upcoming record. It’s hard to say why, but I think we’re proud of the way the structure all fits together, and the combination of sounds that colour it all in. It is long but I think it does a lot with that time, it’s fully realised. Lyrically I just tried to mirror the emotion I felt from the sound, the way it felt to me. I think I have tried to express loss, defiance and a melancholy that has some joy mixed in with it, which personally feel like it always does.

The accompanying band photo, taken in the fall, reflecting the spirit of change and the looming winter’s melancholy, supports the spirit of “I’m Only Talking” very well. Listen to the fascinating “I’m Only Talking,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Through The Eyes Of Ruby

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