SONG PICK: Tiiva – Bones




SONG PICK: Tiiva – Bones

Tiiva is a producer and singer from London, who crafts bright and energetic synth-pop. “Bones,” a song about the perception of beauty, which is – much like the thickly layered sounds of the song – never completely perfect and smooth. Tiiva says about the song:

Bones is about the fragility of how we see ourselves, the perception of what is beautiful. Society tells us we have to be a certain shape, look a certain way, a mirror that is held up where no one easily matches to those expectations.

I wrote this song because I have seen the way this has affected the people I care about, from more subtle moments of someone feeling like they have to exercise cause they ‘ate too much’ to more destructive moments. I wrote this as a letter to anyone who feels they don’t match up to how we feel we’re supposed to look, what we’re supposed to eat, the size, shape of us…that to just be ourselves in a world that is constantly pressuring can be the most radical act of self love.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Bones,” below:

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