SONG PICK: Katherine Aly – Glow & Ignite



SONG PICK: Katherine Aly – Glow & Ignite

“Glow & Ignite” is upbeat pop infused with a good dose of electronic grit. It also features 60s-style background singers. Scottland-via-Greece singer/songwriter Katherine Aly puts this all together into an exuberant melange of a pop song that keeps you engaged from the first bar until the fade-out. Yes, there is a fade-out too.

With all that, it makes a lot of sense what Katherine says about the song:

“My music’s motto is ‘dance with your shadow’, embrace the dark side, let it ignite your creativity, accept is as part of your healing, be OK with not being OK – its only human.”

Listen to “Glow & Ignite,” our Sing Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

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(Photo: Kristof Tury)

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