SONG PICK: sir Was – I Wanna Feel Like That (Video)



SONG PICK: sir Was – I Wanna Feel Like That (Video)

What does a song with a title like “I Wanna Feel Like That” sound like? It should be likable, no? The new super chill single by Gothenburg’s sir Was starts on a high, blissful note and keeps the positive momentum going until the very end. We also dig the joyful video, directed by sir Was aka Joel Wästberg and Damien Priest. Throughout the video, the groovy feel-good vibes just multiply. True to the Swedish artist’s style, “I Wanna Feel Like That” is sparse in its instrumentation, and the restraint and focus make for its irresistible allure.

Speaking about his new single, Wästberg says:

“I Wanna Feel Like That” is about how to visualize this desire to be an updated version of your own self. The only way I could think was to compare myself to an imagined self. My longtime friend Tobias Sondén, an actor and to me, a physical genius, came to mind. He moves in a lovely way and he would represent the “ultimate” version of myself. And to add more to the mix, my brother, Nils Wästberg contributed another aspect and finally, there was Fredrik Wallin (Little Dragon), a tall and completely different type of physique. Together with my buddy and cinematographer, Damien Priest, we went out and made the video. Anything to be and feel like that!

We love all this and happily chime in when sir Was sings: “Nothing is nothing but Something is everything.” Epic! The single is taken from sir Was’ upcoming album Let The Morning Come, out October 15th via Memphis Industries.

Listen to “I Wanna Feel Like That,” our Song Pick of the Day, and make sure to watch the delightful video too:

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Photo credit: Malin Ingrid Johansson

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