SONG PICK: Briana Piedra – Daydream



Briana Piedra

SONG PICK: Briana Piedra – Daydream

Briana Piedra is a singer/songwriter from L.A., who has just released a five-track EP “Daydream” about the state between sleep and awakeness. A minimalistic production and ethereal vocals create the right atmosphere for your own daydream, but even fully awake, you will appreciate Briana’s music as well-crafted future pop.

Briana says about the EP:

“Daydream” is a mix of euphoric and electric ambience that dives into my thoughts and where I go when I drift off. I recorded this project myself, which really gave me the ability to experiment with my vocals and push myself to go deeper into my creativity. I feel like each song compliments the other by providing a unique and exciting element, while still delivering a dreamy sound that brings it all together.

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