SONG PICK: Jekyll – Catherine Wheel



SONG PICK: Jekyll – Catherine Wheel

Listening through new music releases, I liked “Catherine Wheel” by Jekyll from the spot but was quick in passing the track aside as Muse meets Placebo, two bands I saw live before they became superstars and used to be super fond of. Browsing through other bands and their new songs, I came back to Jekyll because I still like those two bands but what Jekyll’s frontman has to say, hit a nerve. Joel Foster says:

Born out of the more stagnant and frustrating moments of lockdown, ‘Catherine Wheel’ is about the disorientation and panic of feeling that your life is passing by faster than you can keep up with, before you’ve even figured out what you want from it or how to use the precious time you’ve got to its full potential.

And reading further about what Joel has to see, I find myself vindicated with my immediate band comparisons because he says:

We deliberately tried to make the music sound as chaotic as possible and we can’t wait for the opportunity to really get our teeth into it live. The song was recorded during the same sessions as ‘Tear Ourselves In Two’ and was sonically inspired by dark shoegaze and artists like The Horrors, early Muse and Placebo.

Mission accomplished because the “Catherine Wheel” sounds very much like a firework turned loose and sparkling in all directions. This will be fantastic live! Listen to “Catherine Wheel,” our Song Pick of the Day. While not really a “live” video, the following is a cool visualizer and give an idea of the British alt-rockers and their sound:

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