SONG PREMIERE: Glenn Echo – Drink up This Fire



SONG PREMIERE: Glenn Echo – Drink up This Fire

Any day is up to a brilliant start with a song as glorious as “Drink Up this Fire,” the new single by Glenn Echo. With a little over two minutes, it might be the shortest track on the artist’s upcoming album Fixed Memory, but every note in “Drink Up This Fire” counts and adds to the song’s magic. The New York-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist creates the most enchanting chamber-folk pieces that instantly charm their way into listeners’ ears and linger thanks to their poetic beauty. “Drink Up this Fire” closes on a high note, giving an idea of what an empty fire-holding glass might sound like. What a surprising yet highly satisfying end to a fantastic song!

We asked Matt Gaydar, aka Glenn Echo, about the background to “Drink up This Fire,” and he told us:

This song started as somewhat of a walking meditation, in the morning, strolling around the different small parks in South Brooklyn. I was trying to replicate the physical feeling of getting up and moving through the dynamic progression of the track; starting quiet and pulling out of a dream to an actual rising up in pitch and energy through the slide playing.

Looks like we got the “starting into a new day” part just right. We definitely can see ourselves beginning new days with something as gorgeous as “Drink up This Fire.” Glenn Echo explains further:

The track sonically is heavily inspired by Blake Mills’s record Break Mirrors, with many layers of acoustic guitars, and a warm blown-out slide solo, as well as conceptually inspired by this animated short from Satoshi Kon called Ohayo. It parallels another track on my album “Rising Wide-Eyed” as an opening to a new day. In the flow of the album, which is meant to be the shape of a palindrome, this track signals the midpoint.

We are excited to premiere “Drink Up this Fire,” our Song Pick of the Day:

Pre-order Fixed Memory, out October 15th, and connect with Glenn Echo on Facebook and Instagram. Add “Drink up This Fire” to your playlist as we are adding it to our glamglarepick playlist on Spotify:

Photo credit: Ariana Dixon

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