SONG PICK: Helven – u my homie




SONG PICK: Helven – u my homie

The title “u my homie” suggests a squeaky bubble gum pop track about the intricacies of high school life, but that is not what Jenny Bakke, aka Helven, has in mind. Her song is a reflective piece about deep friendship that comes with a relaxed, retrained production. As for the title, Jenny gives us an explanation:

“It’s about the journey we had together, what it is like to help a friend, the ups and downs, and the strength of the friendship in adversity. I used texts from that period to write the lyrics. It’s all the things we used to say to each other during the toughest times, without anyone else understanding what they meant. Instead of saying ‘I love you, you’ll get through this’, we said ‘I know you, u my homie'”.

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