SONG PICK: Fuzzy Sun – Morning Light



SONG PICK: Fuzzy Sun – Morning Light

“Morning Light” by Fuzzy Sun is an irresistibly gorgeous song and the embodiment of U.K. indie-rock at its best. When I close my eyes, I can picture myself sitting on the balcony early in the morning, thanks to the song’s bright notes and its carefree and upbeat vibe. Yet there are also darker undertones and without “Morning Light” wouldn’t be as beautifully intriguing as it is. Asked about their upcoming EP Since The Dog Died (due in November) and its lead single, frontman Kyle Ross says:

It was the first tune we wrote out of this new bank of material, I suppose it’s about feeling lost and at the same time losing a part of yourself whilst trying to figure a way out of your own mental labyrinth. I felt like I’d been trapped in a David Lynch scene and that’s what inspired the tune in the first place.

Listen to “Morning Light,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Matthew Eachus (The Manc Photographer)

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