SONG PICK: Elodie Gervaise – IMYG (Video)



Elodie Gervaise

SONG PICK: Elodie Gervaise – IMYG (Video)

This track is scorching hot. Add watching the video – a futuristic, dream-like dance party – and you might want to turn on the A/C. Paris-based, French-Australian artist Elodie Gervaise uses a restrained production and deadpan vocals to transport you into a late-night cityscape where everything is possible. The song and the upcoming EP “Syzygy” are a collaboration with Finnish producer, DJ, and fashion designer Maria Korkeila.

Elodie says about the song:

“‘IMYG’ is based on a light and intangible connection describing an encounter the day before the first lockdown. The story of two souls having met in a past life and crossing paths again.”

Watch the video “IMYG” here:

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(Photo: Guillaume Plas)

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