SONG PICK: Marissa Nadler – If I Could Breathe Underwater (Video)



Marissa Nadler

SONG PICK: Marissa Nadler – If I Could Breathe Underwater (Video)

“If I Could Breathe Underwater,” is only one of the fantastic abilities Boston-based singer/songwriter, Marissa Nadler muses about in her latest song. Naturally, this happens in a dream-like state and so the song leads you into an unreal sonic world out of swirling melodies and intricate beats.

Marissa explains:

“When I wrote ‘If I Could Breathe Underwater,’ I was contemplating the possibilities of possessing various superhuman powers: teleportation, shapeshifting, energy projection, aquatic breathing, extrasensory perception, and time travel to name a few. As a lyrical device, I married those powers with events in my life, wondering if and how they could change the past or predict the future. I loved working on the melody for this song and bringing the choruses to their climaxes. Mary’s layered, hallucinatory shimmers really echo the netherworld of the story.”

“If I Could Breathe Underwater” is on Marissa’s upcoming ninth album “The Path of the Cloud,” out on October 29 on Sacred Bones and Bella Union.

Watch the video directed by Jenni Hensler here:

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(Photo: Nick Fancher)

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