SONG PICK: Karis Lee – Counterfeit Love



SONG PICK: Karis Lee – Counterfeit Love

Karis Lee spends just under two minutes to bring her point across: she is not one for half-baked relationships. “Counterfeit Love” shines with a restrained, modern production and, of course, Karis’ charming vocal delivery. She says about the song:

“I wrote “Counterfeit Love” to capture the feeling of participating in a relationship that takes a toll on you. It’s a story of deserving more and getting less. It’s a tale of performing a relationship rather than really being in the relationship. The song addresses themes of self-worth, respect, and authenticity through the metaphor of counterfeits. I think many people can relate to wanting something real and I wrote this song to reflect that innate desire. Plus, there’s a lot of fun word play packed into the lyrics!”

Listen to “Counterfeit Love,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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