SONG PICK: Danielle Lewis – Slow, Sad, and Real (Video)



Danielle Lewis

SONG PICK: Danielle Lewis – Slow, Sad, and Real (Video)

“Slow, Sad, and Real” is a sweeping reflection about dreams, reality, and the overlap between the two. Welsh musician Danielle Lewis enlisted videographer Mark James for adding some stunning visuals that shun overused effects and tired cliches about how dreams look like.

She says about the song:

“Slow, Sad and Real’ brings to light the array of emotions, thoughts and dreams I’ve felt that have sometimes conflicted within. It’s the desire to resist suppression and embrace every part of the human emotional state.”

Watch the video for “Slow, Sad, and Real” here:

Danielle’s album “Dreaming in Slow Motion” is out on November 19. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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