SONG PICK: Spaceface – Long Time (ft. LABRYS)



SONG PICK: Spaceface – Long Time (ft. LABRYS)

Spaceface, featuring past and current members of The Flaming Lips, delight with what they call “Retro Futurist Dream Rock,” which you and I probably would call “psychedelic-pop.” Any musings about the genre aside, “Long Time (ft. LABRYS)” is an instantly irresistible and beautifully catchy track.

Behind the moniker LABRYS is the BRONCHO bassist Penny Pitchlynn, who takes on lead vocal duties in “Long Time.” With this blissfully breezy single, Spaceface announce their upcoming album Anemonia out via Montreal-based label Mothland, January 28, 2022.

Asked about “Long Time,” Jake Ingalls (formerly of The Flaming Lips) says:

It’s about that dreamlike state of wondering where you could be in your own life if you had just taken that left down the other road instead of taking a right. It’s this inescapable feeling that sometimes you’ve slipped into an alternate reality without realizing and you think, ‘My god, is this my life? There’s another one for me out there.

Listen to “Long Time,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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