SONG PICK: Amber Jay – Equal



Amber Jay

SONG PICK: Amber Jay – Equal

Liverpool-based artist Amber Jay states what should be obvious to everybody: “A person is a person, and we’re equal.” But there cannot be too many reminders, especially if they come as such a catchy and engaging pop song like “Equal”.

Amber says:

“‘Equal’ is about feeling inferior because of who you are but being frustrated at the fact, you know you only think that through consuming societal norms your entire life. This then affects your opinion of yourself, which I think is so sad and one of humankind’s biggest failings. Within this shared frustration across so many minorities is power. ‘Equal’ also encompasses a feeling of unity and hope that between us we can at least find power within each other.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Equal,” on your favorite streaming service or below on SoundCloud:

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