Fantastic worlds: Quantum Random Transmutation



Quantum Random Transmutation

Fantastic worlds: Quantum Random Transmutation

Numerous exciting projects want to enhance a music experience with virtual reality. Paris-based artist Alexia Charoud teamed up with U.S. musician and producer Virtual Perfection Cowboy to create an art installation that you can explore directly in your web browser with no fancy goggles required (you need a real computer with a keyboard, though).

Click here to access two virtual art installations where you can freely roam around and even walk through closed doors or walls.

The artists say about the project:

“QRT is a magical realist sci-fi story — a meditation on randomness as a method of touching the divine, a journey of discovery of the transdimensional nature of consciousness, a revelation of the sacred vessel of our bodies, an investigation of transformation and rebirth.”

Watch the video here:

“Quantum Random Transmutation” transports you into a suburban village covered in some yellow mist. There are several houses to explore and pieces of art to discover.

“The Waters Between Worlds” is a pink dreamscape with floating sculptures.

The soundtrack for both rooms is the EP “Quantum Random Transmutation” (Apple Music | Spotify | Bandcamp) with six ethereal, shimmering synth-pop tracks featuring vocals by Alexia Charoud and Jenn Khoe.

Take a break and let fantastic visuals and sounds take you into an artistic world.

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