SONG PICK: DJ_Dave – Still Miss U




SONG PICK: DJ_Dave – Still Miss U

DJ_Dave is creating music with “live coding.” This means that she creates music primarily without production tools like Ableton Live or Logic but is scripting loops and patterns directly in a text editor. Why would somebody do that? For once it makes for stylish Matrix vibes at live performances, such as this one here. Also, musicians have been looking for new ways to generate sounds to spark their creative process at all times, and live coding is surely not the craziest one. But listen yourself: For her new song “Still Miss U” DJ_Dave used samples of Kitty‘s 2014 song “Miss U” and created a catchy, raw electro-pop track reminiscent of early Grimes.

Listen to “Still Miss U,” our Song Pick of the Day, on your favorite streaming platform or below:

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