A bit jazzy, a bit chill, and immensely catchy, that is “Familiar Faces,” the new single by IMBER. Behind IMBER is Bristol-based composer, musician, and producer Ben Imber, who is using the moniker for his solo project. We are stoked to exclusively premiere the enchanting track today, which features Ben’s smooth vocals and showcases once more his talent for eclectic electronic productions.

We wanted to know more about the gorgeous track and asked Ben, who says:

“Familiar Faces” was inspired by moving to a city from living in the countryside. One thing I noticed from moving somewhere completely new was that I was meeting people that reminded me of my friends from home. Sometimes it’s the way they looked or in the way they would act, it was this that inspired the lyrics for Familiar Faces because these strangers were helping me feel at home in a place that was unknown.

Asked about the comfortable, intimate vibe, Ben explains:

In the production I used field recordings I found walking down the streets of Bristol that I used throughout the song to give it an urban vibe.

Brilliant and utterly beautiful! Listen to “Familiar Faces,” our Song Pick of the Day premiere:

Connect with IMBER on Facebook and Instagram and add “Familiar Faces” to your playlist as we are adding it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

Photo credit: Chloe Russel

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