SONG PICK: Actrese – It Might Be About You




SONG PICK: Actrese – It Might Be About You

London-based singer/songwriter Actrese makes songs with a certain alien element that keeps you on the edge. Her new track “It Might Be About You” delivers a tough personal message in a smooth and controlled way that makes the words even feel stronger. Actrese says about the song:

“After my last single, which felt very thought through, planned and executed in the same way, I needed a change. ‘It Might Be About You’ feels like something that was on my mind and needed to get out of my system. It is personal. It is candid to the point, it is impossible to describe as anything else than the truth. It comes from a place of anger and frustration of coming to conclusions in the aftermath of heartbreak when I didn’t even realize there was something to be broken. And then the anxiety. The anxiety of not being able to speak my mind and heart for various reasons.”

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