SONG PICK: Alyssa Gengos – Cheerleader of the Universe (Video)



SONG PICK: Alyssa Gengos – Cheerleader of the Universe (Video)

Sometimes, all you want from a song is calm and comfort. Singer, songwriter, and producer Alyssa Gengos offers precisely that with her latest single, “Cheerleader of the Universe.” When things became extremely dire in New York, back in Spring 2020, she moved back to Los Angeles, where she grew up. I can’t blame her because it would have been tough, if not impossible, to come up with such intimate, quiet, and utterly appealing songs. More of this can be found on Alyssa Gengos’ upcoming album Mechanical Sweetness, out via Egghunt Records, February 25, 2022.

When asked about her latest track, Alyssa Gengos says:

“Cheerleader of the Universe” is sort of surreal; it’s a bunch of associated phrases that form a comforting lullaby. I think of the Cheerleader as the fairy godmother inside my own head. My grandma was a cheerleader, and so was my mother, and I became one in high school as well. I never really wanted to do that as a kid – I just kinda fell into it because my friends and I decided we’d all do it together. Still, I felt like I was doing some service continuing this cheerleader mythology that my grandma had started. Now, facing the next chapter of my life, I call upon the Cheerleader of the Universe for guidance. The music video is dreamlike, matching the sentiment of the lyrics. In it, I frolic across a Southern California beach in a dress I sewed myself.

What a lovely explanation for a cool and inspiring mantra, calling upon the cheerleaders of the universe. I will remember that and am looking forward to listening to Alyssa Gengos’ album in its entirety. For now, watch “Cheerleader of the Universe,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Morgan Hamilton

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