SONG PICK: Circe – Mess With Your Head




SONG PICK: Circe – Mess With Your Head

“Mess With Your Head” – that’s what the namesake sorceress did to Odysseus in Greek mythology. For the London-based pop musician Circe this is a two-way street: love is messy and good intentions don’t always lead to a good outcome. Circe explains about her new bright, swirling synth-pop track:

“It’s about the extremes that love pushes us to. The exquisite pain of knowing someone else controls how your heart will fair that day. We are all so often the worst to the people we love the best. There’s a lyric inspired by Shakespeare -‘ You gave me your heart, and I gave you a pound of flesh’
For me the line expresses not only the possessive feelings love can cultivate, but the idea of handing over ‘flesh’ gives physical weight to the emotion of love. The visceral stages from the lightness of a body you know so well, to the heaviness of a battered heart.”

Listen to “Mess With Your Head,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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