SONG PICK: AnSoFi – Love & Fear




SONG PICK: AnSoFi – Love & Fear

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is almost 2022 and we are still in a pendemic. in dealing with that fact, Danish singer, songwriter and producer AnSoFi pitches the opposing emotions of love and fear against each other in a moving, quiet song. “Love will keep us together if fear doesn’t tear us apart,” is the central line and like her we all rooting for love to be winning here. On a different level, creating “Love & Fear” was a tool to overcome her fears, as AnSoFi reveals:

“I felt this reflected in my own life. I had been working on my solo project for almost 4 years without releasing any music and I felt really stuck. Lockdown became a sort of reckoning that forced me to quite literally face the music, and start to discover what was holding me back. This inspired a new way of working. I would make space for my fear in the creative process by giving it a name, writing it down on a piece of paper and pulling up an extra chair for it next to the piano while recording. I also decided to record piano and vocal simultaneously to eliminate the self-awareness or over thinking that could otherwise get in the way. Finally I also decided to learn to mix my own songs. This became a lesson in trusting my intuition and gut feeling. Slowly but surely this song and other songs I had been struggling with for so long, began to assume form.”

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