SONG PICK: Gypsum – Kaleidoscope




SONG PICK: Gypsum – Kaleidoscope

L.A. trio Gypsum does not take the easy way with their music. Their self-titled debut album is full of meticulously crafted indie rock with a broad range of influences. For our Song Pick of the Day, “Kaleidoscope,” drummer Jessy Reed sums it up: “For those about the math rock, we salute you.” Singer and guitarist Sapphire Jewell then explains how the guitar riff came together:

“I have a voice memo that’s 11 minutes long of me just vibing on that weird mathy riff because I loved playing it so much. It’s definitely one of those riffs that physically feels good to play.”

Anna Arboles, also on guitar and vocals, adds:

“My approach for this song was stepping on all my guitar pedals at once.”

That should make you curious! Listen to the album “Gypsum” here. You can find “Kaleidoscope” on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

(Photo: Wes O’Connor)

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