SONG PICK: Fifi Rong – Out of Clock



Fifi Rong

SONG PICK: Fifi Rong – Out of Clock

London-based electronic music artist Fifi Rong does not walk the beaten path with her career and she is very open about her story. Her new album “There is a Funeral in my Heart, for Every Man I Loved” reflects the sacrifices one has to have to fulfill the need to create art. She explains:

“Have you ever given up everything so your dream could live? …I did. To let my music live, I had to let everything else die in my heart. But the ghosts of doomed romances had nowhere to go except to find their way into my upcoming solo Double Album: my greatest, most important and intimate body of work to date. 5 years of writing, recording and producing this double album on my own went into making sure these delicately crafted, heart-aching ballads would heal in the midst of tragedy and prepare you to smile at the end of your tears. I wanted it to be timeless. For I truly believe in creating soul resonance & meaningful connections between my art and aesthetes who can truly appreciate its multifaceted values.”

Watch the video to our Song Pick of the Day, “Out of Clock,” here:

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