SONG PICK: Vases – Comfort Creature



SONG PICK: Vases – Comfort Creature

“Comfort Creature,” the latest single by Los Angeles-based musician and visual artist Ty Baron aka Vases, draws you in with its soft guitar tones and holds your attention thanks to the compelling lyrics and alluring production. True to Vases’ post-punk roots, the song starts with a soft nod to New Order but takes on a different spin a few bars in. We wanted to know more about the inspiration to “Comfort Creature” and reached out to Ty. He says:

At the time this song was written I was working as a barback at high-end events in Los Angeles. I was looking for lyrics and I was working an event at a massive mansion in the hills. Looking around at the opulent excess of the house I started thinking about the contradictions of many people in our society who claim to want change, progress, or justice but who live these lavish lifestyles that are often at the expense of others. In my mind these people are the Comfort Creatures.

Maybe this discrepancy is more in your face in Los Angeles than in other places? But I remember such events in New York too and know that that the social critique in “Comfort Creatures” is a universal one.

About the production, Ty told us that he recorded the track at Boulevard in Los Angeles together with producer/engineer Omar Yakar (War on Drugs, Perfume Genius). Vases and Omar Yakar collaborated for example on “Postwar Fiction,” the gorgeous track that had put Vases on our radar in the first place. Listen to “Comfort Creature,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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