VanWyck – I Was Innocent




VanWyck – I Was Innocent

“I Was Innocent.” But maybe the protagonist in VanWyck’s new song was not. Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Christine Oele who records as VanWyck, tells a mysterious and intriguing story. A voice that you could listen to forever and delicate, moody songwriting also makes you want to know what happens next. You will hear more on April 8 at the latest, when VanWyck releases her fourth album “The Epic Tale of the Stranded Man” via Excelsior Recordings.

Christine tells us the thought behind her new work:

“Sometimes it feels like we are trapped in our own prisons, in our inability to take good care of each other and this wonderful planet, like we are failing in our most epic of struggles, the survival of our humanity.”

Listen to our Song Pick of The Day, “I Was Innocent,” below:

(Photo: Jitske Schols)

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