Josienne Clarke – Workhorse [Video]



Josienne Clarke

Josienne Clarke – Workhorse [Video]

“This is the most joyous one” on the new record, says Scottish singer, songwriter, and producer Josienne Clarke about “Workhorse,” the second single from her upcoming EP “I Promised You Light.” The song’s theme is the light-hearted realization that one does not have to prove anything to be loved. It also finds Josienne straying from her roots and exploring more electronic elements. She says:

“I don’t intend to renounce my acoustic roots at all, but I feel like the old set-up in the industry was quite keen to tell me what type of music I could and couldn’t make. I feel like ‘Workhorse’ is like: ‘What if I could do whatever I wanted? What would that sound like? That sound is this track.”

Watch Josienne dance at a silent disco and improve her skating skills before your very eyes:

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Workhorse,” below:

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