VIDEO PICKS: Animalweapon, Chelsea Jade, Luke DeSciscio, Melody’s Echo Chamber



VIDEO PICKS: Animalweapon, Chelsea Jade, Luke DeSciscio, Melody’s Echo Chamber

Animalweapon – Deserve

Raleigh-based synthwave/bedroom electronic artist Animalweapon, née Patrick Cortes, makes us think with his newest single “Deserve.” While definitely quiet and contemplative, Cortes never lets us down. The visuals are as tranquil and in the flow as is the song itself. More than two years into the pandemic aka no longer living my “old” life, I enjoyed visiting a bar for a little while and strolling around town for a moment together with Cortes. “Desire” is something to play whenever the mood for something calming and pensive hits.

Directed, filmed, and produced by Polychromatic Records owner/founder Scot Dunlap, the video not only translates the song’s musings about depression/mental health struggles, it also serves as a love letter of sorts to Cortes’ home of Raleigh, NC with many of the city’s locations appearing in the video.

Aunt Betty’s was a very special bar for me and I spent a lot of time there while I was going through a lot of personal stuff, so I wanted to start the video there. The song has a note of isolation about it, and the concept behind the video was meant to be very simple. Special thanks overwhelmingly goes to the staff and Aunty Betty’s – Rey, Reese, Jake, and owners Greg Ewan and Niall Hanley.

The video is directed, filmed, and produced by Polychromatic Records owner/founder Scot Dunlap. Watch the video now:

Chelsea Jade – Optimist

The new video “Optimist” L.A.-based musician Chelsea Jade is a “collage of improvisation and decontextualized memory.” Chelsea floats through it in many shapes, while the lighter-than-air production shimmers brightly.

Watch the video now:

Luke DeSciscio

“This song was written under a pisces Moon, it is said the Universe tasked pisces with the heaviest weight of all, empathy…” — that’s how Luke’s email to us begins. While I wrap my head around that statement and look at it from different angles, I start watching the video. Only afterward (!) I continue reading what the super gifted British songwriter, singer, and guitarist Luke DeSciscio says:

The day I wrote Moon, I would certainly have vouched for that fact, but what was birthed, though from turbulence, I think will act as a reminder that from the rockiest roads, tremendous views are reached.

He tells us that he never meant to record his song “Moon,” let alone make a video for it. But magic can happen when life gets in between decisions. In Luke DeSciscio’s case, namesake and artist Luke Jerram hung an installation in the Bath Abbey: a moon, a giant moon, and the creative forces of Luke the songwriter were sparked!

Watch the video now:

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Looking Backward

French dream-pop musician Melody Prochet aka Melody’s Echo Chamber, is back with a special treat. For her new song “Looking Backwards,” she teamed up with 3D artist Hyoyon Paik, who transformed Melody into a color-changing video game character.

Watch the video now:

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