pecq – Too Far Gone [video]



pecq – Too Far Gone [video]

With their new single “Too Far Gone” and the accompanying video, Oxford-based duo pecq offer another piece of utterly fascinating art. “Too Far Gone” is hypnotizing: Jakes’ vocals floating light and airy above the strong, synthy melody held together by surprisingly heavy drum/bass lines. But it all works, and more than that, this is beautifully addictive! And so I found myself listening through pecq’s entire oeuvre and am ready for more.

When asked about the artistic process behind “Too Far Gone,” Nikò O’Brien and Hannah’ Jakes’ Jacobs, aka pecq, say that it

came from the experience of trying to ground someone losing their grip on reality. It’s two opposite forces, one anchoring and one pulling away, further and further into their own world. In the drop, we wanted to capture the helpless, weightless feeling as that anchor finally breaks and you both spin out of control.

Filmmaker Zak Waston adds:

In Too Far Gone, we follow the character into a vibrant, spacious landscape, breaking out of the claustrophobic interiors of parts 1 and 2. Our character is fascinated by her surroundings but wants to find a way out into her true reality, symbolised by blue flickerings amidst the artificial colours of this world – a hint of what’s to come in part 4.

Enjoy the video while listening to “Too Far Gone,” our Song Pick of the Day

Connect with pecq and add “Too Far Gone” to your playlist as we are adding it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

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