Prisma – I Never Wanted to Meet You




Prisma – I Never Wanted to Meet You

Danish sisters Frida and Sirid Møl Kristensen record under the name Prisma. Their latest song, “I Never Wanted To Meet You,” touches on a common theme in pop music: free yourself from people who hold you back. But they turn their candid breakup speech into an empowering anthem: sing along to “I show them what I got tonight” next time you face such an obstacle.

The sisters explain where this drive comes from:

“There’s this new drive in us. We have this energy inside, and we need to get it out. It doesn’t have to be pretty, and we don’t have to make perfect takes. The important thing is to emphasize the nerve of the music – this specific energy.”

Listen to “I Never Wanted to Meet You” on your favorite streaming service or watch the animated video below:

(Photo: Bobby Mandrup)

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