Freddy Madson – Hanging in the Air



Freddy Madson – Hanging in the Air

Becoming a young adult, dealing with all the possibilities but also boundaries when you’re in your twenties, has never been easy. Even more so when the world is grappling with a global, highly infectious disease. Danish pop-artist Freddy Madson muses about what he can and is willing to offer and what the people he encounters expect from him in his new single “Hanging in the Air.” The Copenhagen-based musician put his thoughts into a bright and beautiful pop song topped with warm and jazzy sprinkles. The result is exquisite! Asked about “Hanging in the Air,” Freddy Mason says:

I think everyone knows what it’s like to feel imperfect or inadequate. Other people’s great expectations can suddenly become a massive burden in your life – and it literally dragged me down, creating an endless flow of irrational thoughts and unnecessary contemplation. It was the feeling of hanging in the air while racing for a new tomorrow, but with the help from my closest ones, I got back on track.

And if we thought we found out who we are and what we want to do, we will undergo many revisions throughout our lives. Mason reflects further:

Even though the last couple of years is a total blur, everything seems clearer to me than ever before! Writing ‘Hanging in the Air’ has made me hopeful. And if you ever lose faith or trust in yourself remember that no one could stop you from doing whatever you want to do or to be exactly who you want to be. No one but yourself.

That’s our favorite take-away, aside from the gorgeous song itself: Believe in yourself and keep on going.

Listen to “Hanging in the Air,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Therese Lærke

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