Kitty Perrin – The Escapist



Kitty Perrin

Kitty Perrin – The Escapist

U.K.-based singer/songwriter Kitty Perrin reflects about the desire to escape responsibility in her new single “The Escapist.” She has a bit of a moment with herself when she realizes that she can make herself feel blameless but that the outcome is not at all what she wanted. The music builds slowly to an emotional finale when Kitty repeats “I’ve been playing the victim” over and over.

Kitty says about the song:

“When I was processing a recent break-up, it eventually dawned on me that I was doing my best to avoid taking responsibility for my role in it. I realised that I’d been glad my ex had ended things so badly because it meant that I was the victim.

“‘The Escapist’ is about that desire I had to feel blameless at the end of that relationship, and our ability to invent false histories for our own peace of mind.”

Our Song Pick of the Day, “The Escapist,” will be on Kitty Perrin’s EP “Stick it Out,” out on Mat 6. Listen below:

– Connect with Kitty Perrin here.

(Photo: Amy Marsh)

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