Lucas Laufen – I Don’t Believe in Loss



Lucas Laufen – I Don’t Believe in Loss

A song title like “I Don’t Believe in Loss” doesn’t leave you cold. It makes you feel something from empathy and agreement to anger almost anything is possible. My initial reaction was annoyance, like, what does this Australian singer/songwriter talking about? More specifically: why is Lucas Laufen‘s conclusion to not believe in loss? And that’s when I became engaged and wanted to find out what was behind the title.

For starters, an utterly beautiful melody goes with “I Don’t Believe in Loss,” with gentle guitar finger-picking, and mellow piano chords, held together by Laufen’s velvety vocals. Asked about the song, Laufen says:

It was a strange coincidence to have people I’m close to all going through the same emotions at the same time and I think it was the shared experience of it all that pulled me back into a positive state of mind.

“I Don’t Believe in Loss” can be found on Laufen’s fourth upcoming studio album which emits hope at a time of darkness. By now, the musician lives in Berlin, Germany where he has signed with the prestigious label Embassy of Music. Laufen says further:

We all just started putting one foot in front of the other and living again, resolved to the fact that some answers wouldn’t come. And although I’m still questioning this whole topic, I feel more at peace with it after moving through this period with people I love.

Admittedly, I don’t fully understand it but I know what loss feels like, its constant, everlasting truth that gets a bit more bearable with gorgeous music like this.

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