néomí – if i wasn’t made for love [Video]




néomí – if i wasn’t made for love [Video]

Dutch/Surinamese singer/songwriter Neomi Speelman aka néomí is seriously doubting love. “if i wasn’t made for love,” she ponders in her dreamy and warm new folk-pop song, hoping to find some resolution. But sometimes, you just need time to grasp the obvious.

Neomi explains:

“‘ if i wasn’t made for love’ was written in a time where I doubted love in the most possible way ever. And let’s be honest, love is the most stupid thing in the world. Think about it: you want someone, you fall in love, you love each other, you hate each other, it hurts, you break up, and you keep doing that because every time you think once more ‘this is the one.’

With’ if i wasn’t’ made for love,’ I sing about the beauty and mystery of life. And what love brings to me, and I think also to others. The idea is: if life were simple, love would be simple as well. But in the end, it’s wonderful that love is complicated. I’d rather be ‘not made for love’ than understand it.”

Watch the video for “if i wasn’t made for love” directed by Anna-Rose Clayton and Stijn Mulder here:

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