Anastave – Cover the Dust




Anastave – Cover the Dust

2022 seems to be a new start in many ways and so it seems fitting that we see the first new song from Berlin-via-NYC artist Anastave. We remember her well for the brilliant 2016 album “From the Other Side of the Fire,” which takes cues from 90s-style trip hop. With her new track, “Cover the Dust,” she moves firmly to the 2020s with more experimental electronic sounds. Lyrically the song tackles the “do good and talk about it” attitude, which has been only amplified by social media. Anastave says:

“This song also touches on media aimed at making us feel like we’re not enough, and the people who take advantage of that – who steer us in the direction of buying what they’re selling so that we can ‘feel whole'”

Anastave will release more music throughout the year. Also, watch out for our Q&A coming soon.

Listen to “Cover the Dust,” our Song Pick of the Day below:

– Connect with Anastave here.

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