Marilyn Hucek – Girls Girl



Marilyn Hucek – Girls Girl

The honest advocacy in Marilyn Hucek‘s new single “Girls Girl” shines through in every word and beat. The super talented singer/songwriter, who also plays piano and guitar, divides her time between Washington, DC, and New York. With a lifelong passion for all things music, Marilyn only recently took the plunge and wet her feet in the music world, and what a splash she made! If her first (!) two live shows are any indication, we are witnessing a musician poised to become a pop star.

With “Girls Girl,” Marilyn puts her money where her mouth is and enlisted women -and women only- to bring the song to life. The beautifully vibrant and exquisitely catchy track boils down to one crucial message, as Marilyn points out:

I hope more women realize that we need to support each other instead of bringing each other down. Be a girls girl!

Like with her previously released delicious pop-gems, “I’m Not Sorry” and “So Long New York,” “Girls Girl” will find its way onto every playlist that can handle an infectious and empowering pop-anthem.

Listen to “Girls Girl,” our Song Pick of the Day on any of your favorite streaming services, and here:

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