Grae – Forget You




Grae – Forget You

We have been a fan of the smart pop music of Toronto-based artist Grae since her debut “New Girl” almost three years ago. Her latest song, “Forget You,” also deals with a breakup and that they are never easy to cope with. Even if it is so clear that you have to get out for your own good. Grae gives us some background about “Forget You”:

“‘Forget You’ was written when I finally decided to let go of a relationship I romanticized. This person no longer served me, yet I still found myself caught up in the nostalgia of it all, looking back on our time spent together with rose-coloured glasses. Whenever I tried to move on, I still thought about them. We always found our way back to each other and it never ended well. They weren’t good for me and had bad habits. I made their issues my own, tried to fix them, tried to be their savior. They held me back from pursuing new relationships and exploring new things. This song was therapeutic and emotional for me to write. A release of all these emotions I had been feeling for years. I felt sad writing it because as much as I knew I had to let them go, a part of me didn’t want to, but this song is goodbye to them and our failed attempt at love.”

“Forget You” is on Grae’s debut full-length album “Whiplash,” out April 15. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming service or below on Bandcamp:

– Connect with Grae here.
– Pre-save “Whiplash” here.
– Order the vinyl here.

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