Vicky Farewell – Kakashi (All of the Time)



Vicky Farewell

Vicky Farewell – Kakashi (All of the Time)

Binge-watching TV has probably been one of the most popular pastimes in the last two years. In her new song, singer/songwriter and producer Vicky Nguyen, aka Vicky Farewell captures the state of mind one can get into after immersing in a different world for an extended time – in her case the anime series Naruto.

The lighter-than-air song is all fun and no regret, even though Vicky was not sure to release it at first, as she reveals:

“It’s probably the most fun I ever had writing a song, it’s also the most embarrassing and I thought I’d never share this with anyone, but here we are.”

Our Song Pick of the Day, “Kakashi (All of the Time),” is on Vicky Farewell’s upcoming album “Sweet Company,” out on April 8. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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