Excited for The New Colossus Festival 2022 – Our Must-See Picks



Excited for The New Colossus Festival 2022 – Our Must-See Picks

Live music is back, and what better way to celebrate one of life’s most invigorating and joyful past times with not only one but five days filled with concerts? New York’s The New Colossus Festival is back, and its three founders, Lio Kanine, Steven Matrick, and Mike Bell, whipped up a fantastic festival schedule.

Listen to the official playlist for an immediate taste of what to expect, and check out the performing artists and the festival schedule.

I took the time and with great pleasure to listen through all 100+  showcasing bands. Every band on the festival lineup creates solid sound and knows their craft. Many got me excited to see them, but some I really can’t wait to experience live because their music got me hooked. So. Good.

While I’m still fine-tuning my actual schedule – super fun thanks to my delegates badge (get yourself a badge here!) – I want to see the following bands from Europe, Canada, the USA, and of course, some NYC lovelies and still unknown acts.

Let’s have a wonderful time together and celebrate the magic of live music during The New Colossus Festival. Big THANKS to Mike, Steven, and Lio and all the bands from far away and close(r) to home to make this happen.


Canada is one of the festival’s main sponsors and, in the past, brought some of their finest bands to New York’s festival. This year also be ready to indulge in some great music from way up north. We could list every single band, actually, but these are the ones that got us especially excited:


Being able to see bands from across the pond again makes me happy! I have a soft spot for all British indie rock and will definitely be at these shows:


How sweet that the south of Europe is also represented at this year’s festival! Both acts sound fantastic, and it will be amazing to experience them live. We came to know that Spanish and Italian bands always have a little extra up their sleeves.


More than 20 years ago, when we had left the country, the German music scene was very thinly spread. With four bands making the trip from Berlin or Hamburg to New York, even singing partially in German, this looks like an amazing revival of good music made in Germany. Willkommen in New York!

USA (non-NYC)

New York alone is always worth a trip and The New Colossus festival in particular. Great to be able to see some amazing out of town bands during the next five days:


Not familiar with New York’s young music scene? Go check out these fantastic bands; each has its very own appeal and are not to be missed:

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