Panteon – Archipelago




Panteon – Archipelago

Yvonne Ambree aka Panteon invites you to escape your world and be at a place where life follows different rules. “Archipelago” recounts a blissful holiday and reminds us that while everything comes eventually to an end, you always have beautiful memories to go back to.

Yvonne says:

“Archipelago was written in the summer of 2021 while I was visiting a good friend of mine in Stockholm, Sweden. We rented a small bakery cottage on Värmdo in the Swedish archipelago for a week and didn’t do much except reading and taking ferries to all the islands surrounding us. The lyrics to the song are almost journal like and just a snapshot or photograph of the time being there – we were surrounded by all this nature and water and horses and birds and spiders crawling out of every corner in the little cottage.”

Panteon will play a show in NYC at Berlin on April 11. Listen to “Archipelago,” our Song Pick of the Day on your favorite streaming platform or below on YouTube or BandCamp:

– connect to Panteon here.

(Photo: Sara Laufer)

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