ANIQO – Vivre Libre




ANIQO – Vivre Libre

“Vivre Libre” refers to the moment when things fall into place, and you can see the end of a struggle. Everyone one of us can probably come up with multiple events where such a breakthrough cannot come soon enough but for Berlin-based musician Anita Goß aka ANIQO this also refers to her debut album “Birth“, which has been in the making for a few years now. She explains:

“Imagine you have been drifting on the ocean for years, almost drowning, without strength. This moment when you see land again – that is VIVRE LIBRE and the knowledge that you can make it, that you can do anything, that you are free.”

“Birth” will be out this Friday on SPRINGSTOFF. Watch the video for our Song Pick of the Day, “Vivre Libre” here:

Listen to the song below:

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– Pre-order Birth “ here .

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