Tiiva – To Get Better




Tiiva – To Get Better

“It’s all we need to get better” London-based singer, songwriter, and producer Tiiva reminds us that it is small things and human connection we need to experience happiness. Their sprawling synth pop anthem “To Get Better” accordingly does not try to thrill you, but rather radiates comfort and small joys.

Tiiva says about the song:

“I wrote this over lockdown (I know but wait). There was a lot of fast cry- walking around Peckham, wine soaked lockdown poems, and a couple of blurry house party’s (no Boris- just the app). Over this time, I started to discover a community of people who, for all the best reasons, changed everything.
We hung out on hills, made rituals, sharing and cooking. Sometimes poems and sometimes just sitting in silence listening to the wind in the trees. We’d all never had that time before- in front of us like a void, and finding this community felt beautiful, connected and grounding…like learning how to be myself.”

– Connect with Tiiva here.

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