Georgia Harmer – Talamanca



Georgia Harmer

Georgia Harmer – Talamanca

There is a lot of quiet joy in this song: blissful moments, gorgeous locations, close friends, and sunrises. Toronto-based singer/songwriter Georgia Harmer recounts these special memories in her new track “Talamanca,” the opener of her debut album “Stay In Touch” (April 22).

She explains the chain of associations behind the song:

“This song came out of me in a day in Costa Rica, and voice memos named it ‘Talamanca’ because that’s where we were staying. I loved the name partly because it was one of the few places I’d had time to think that year. I was on the road with Alessia Cara, nearing what I didn’t yet know would be the end of that chapter, and missing my ‘old life.’ I went back to a memory of being in Mexico with two of my close friends. Every morning we’d sit on the roof of the neighboring house as the sun rose and drink our coffee, eat our breakfast, and bask in the rising light. We were very connected at the time and had a telepathic quality to our communication. This song is essentially about the telepathy and mind-reading that goes on between close friends.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Talamanca,” here:

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(Photo: Gemma Warren)

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