Free Daggers – Bobby, Don’t Blink



Free Daggers – Bobby, Don’t Blink

Effortlessly, groovy, and oh-so-catchy, “Bobby, Don’t Blink” aims straight for your music-loving heart. It’s the new mesmerizing single by Free Daggers, the indie project of songwriter and producer Nic Hanson. Written during the darkest weeks of the pandemic, “Bobby, Don’t Blink” deals with feelings of isolation while offering glimpses of hope by exploring human tenacity.

Hanson says about “Bobby, Don’t Blink:”

Finding the beauty in the emptiness, the flavor in the mundanity, the grass that grows in the cracks of the concrete – that’s what this project is about. There is a resilience required of people just to get through a day these days, and it’s so powerful. The city is a desert, the loneliness is palpable, but nonetheless there is life.

Listen to “Bobby, Don’t Blink,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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