MARIA Die RUHE – Superrare [Song & Video Premiere]



MARIA Die RUHE – Superrare [Song & Video Premiere]

“Superrare,” the new single by avant-tech-pop producer MARIA Die RUHE is an exhilarating piece of pop music, and we are excited to exclusively premiere it today. The track is accompanied by a fascinating, colorful video reflecting the song’s beautiful vibrancy.  MARIA Die RUHE envisioned and produced the video, with Arvid Wünsch behind the camera and editing desk and Knut Holburg as its director.

With its pulsating dance beat and touches of 80s electronics, “Superrare” makes you feel alive and ready for unexplored possibilities.  MARIA Die RUHE  lends the catchy song her whisper-smooth power vocals and, with its fierce lyrics, turns “Supperare” into a magnificent dance-floor anthem.

Like the diversity in her music, MARIA Die RUHE called several different places her home. Originally from Thuringia, Germany, she has lived in culturally varied cities like Berlin, San Francisco, and London and is currently based in Leipzig, Germany. For now.

Asked about “Superrare,” MARIA Die RUHE tells us:

Are we really what we seem to be? Taking a glimpse at our over–optimised world that screams for success and individualization – do we all need to be super rare, super fancy, and super perfect? Doesn’t this just make us distanced and perfectly damaged? I created this song on the edge of capitalism and capitulation. Beneath the surface, there is always a human being and it might be worth taking a second look at who a person really is. Maybe this reality is even more interesting than a seemingly needed perfectionism.

How do you live a life being true to your authentic self? Regular self-reflection is one way to go about it, and when this prompt comes in form of a sparkling song like “Superrare” all the better!

Enjoy “Superrare,” our song and video premiere:

Connect with MARIA Die RUHE and add “Superrare” (out via Reduced To The Root) to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic once the track is available on all DSPs.

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