Katy J Pearson – Talk Over Town [Video]



Katy J Pearson – Talk Over Town [Video]

Katy J Pearson follows her brilliant debut album “Return” with “Talk Over Town,” the first single from her sophomore record. The characteristics of her glorious signature sound can be enjoyed with “Talk Over Town:” the vibrant guitars, the sparkling electronic touches, the slightly surreal storytelling, and of course her gorgeous and unique vocals. The track starts almost innocently with just a bit of guitar strumming over a joyful beat but then the sound intensifies, turns more complex, and is just absolutely irresistible.

“Talk Over Turn” is accompanied by a stunning video and its director, Abbie Stephens, says:

This video was such a joy to shoot – to meet Katy and work with such an open artist who brought so much of herself to the video was a real treat. She is a brilliant collaborator and an artist set for big, big things. I love nothing more than creating visual worlds and designing aesthetics to fit with the sound of exciting new artists. This video became a comment on that, how for recording artists there is pressure to be the face of their music and to package it up visually. I wanted to shed light on the music video through the eyes of Katy, the joy and also the beautiful bizarreness.

Stephens continues:

We had an amazing girl crew on this job and it really made for a great vibe on set. Thank you to Beatrix Sastre and her crew who made each set-up look like a painting, to Gabby Sellen on art dept who gave everything and more, and to the wonderful Stina Campagna and Nohelia Reyes on Styling and Makeup.”

If “Talk Over Town” is anything to go by, then Katy J Pearson’s upcoming album Sound Of The Morning is an instant must-buy! The album will be available on July 8, 2022, via Heavenly Recording.

Listen to “Talk Over Town,” our Song Pick of the Day, and watch the video now:

Connect with Katy J Pearson and add “Talk Over Town” to your playlist as we add it to our #glamglarepick playlist on Spotify and AppleMusic:

Photo Credit: H. Hawkline

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